Process Cloud Service


Oracle PCS Training Syllabus

Introduction to Oracle PCS Training

  • PCS Overview
  • PCS Features
  • Design-Time
  • Environment
  • Workspace: Runtime Environment
  • Introduction to the Business Process
  • Model and Notation
  • Characteristics of a Business Process
  • Web Services: SOAP and REST


Creating and Managing Process Applications

  • Process Cloud Service Features for a Process Application
  • Creating an Application in Process Builder
  • Customizing, Testing, and Activating a Created Application
  • Creating Attributes in Forms Editor
  • Creating Data Objects in Process Editor
  • Data Association
  • Customizing Forms Using CSS
  • Reusing Forms

Human Task in Process Cloud Service

  • Human Interaction with a Business Process
  • Types of Human Tasks
  • Human Task Implementations
  • Who Will Perform the Interaction?
  • How a Workflow Is Routed
  • Typical Steps for
  • Creating a Human Task
  • Implementing Human Tasks
  • Configure Reminders and Expirations
  • Map Data Between Elements
  • Configured Task
  • Email Notification Using Human Task

Creating Decision Models in Process Cloud Service

  • Decision Model in Process Cloud Service
  • Creating and Configuring a Decision Model
  • Decision Table, If-Then-Else, Expression
  • Defining Input and its Data type in Decisions
  • Activate Decisions and Create Snapshots
  • Manage Snapshots and Testing Decision Models
  • Creating Decision Service
  • Assigning a Decision Model to a Process Component


Exception Handling and Troubleshooting

  • Exception Handling in a Process
  • Types of Errors
  • Scope in Exception Handling
  • Error-Handling Events
  • Troubleshooting Process Application
  • Troubleshooting Application Import
  • Troubleshooting Business Process


Integration with Application and Services

  • Integration in Process Application
  • Integration Page In Process Application
  • Integrations and Definitions View
  • Steps to Integrate Oracle ICS/Web
  • Services with a Process
  • Creating and Configuring a Connectors in Process Application
  • Invoking a Service Using Service Activity
  • Data Association for Sending and Receiving Data
  • Embedding Process UI Components in External Applications


Integrate Content and Experience Cloud with Process Cloud

  • Need for Integration of Oracle Content
  • Integrating Oracle Content and
  • Experience Cloud
  • Access Requirements for Integration
  • Configuring Settings in Oracle Content
  • Configuring Document Settings
  • Using Documents or Attachments in a Process Application

Why Choose ITSolution4Us : Best PCS Training or Process Cloud Service Training

Due to rapidly changing the world, organizations and Companies are in need of quick business processes and will distribute to the changing needs of these business world processes. Organizations are constantly seeking solutions that can easily use the available products while unable business users to quickly build up their complex business processes. With so many different solutions available for creating and recreating Business Processes, it is hard to choose which one will best fit your specific business needs and requirements. One solution is Oracle’s subscription-based Process Cloud Service (PCS) which gives a perfect match for today’s business world. By using PCS there is no requirement to maintain IT infrastructure – allowing you to easily cover your existing on-premise infrastructure, filling your all expectations in the white space between your applications. Oracle Process Cloud Service can also improve the quality of the digital agreement of your enterprise, which provides the best experience for your business growth and development.

Process Cloud Service is an efficient tool for every business user who wants to rapidly change and develop the Process of Business. Oracle PCS provides a powerful browser tool that is based on testing and developing them before they actually get displayed.
The Process Composer is that place where business users don’t need to start with technical skills building their processes. As I am a Technical Architect, for one, so much like the composer which allows me to quickly build up the Business Rules and add Objects of Business too. The Process Composer can automatically handle all Processes’ versions, I need to take a snapshot to maintain my versions. One of the interesting ways to use schema files before creating the web. The feature of web form preview allows me to view before the actual deployment what my form looks like. I can use REST services in my web forms to define the popularity of data from external systems. Validating conditions, tasks, business regulations and rules, processes are really helpful in creating correct and careful in more detailed processes quickly and efficiently. Defining the flow of data and mapping data between processes is not easy. You can define the Roles for your process and decide ”who can control and what“. Secondly, you can create map roles and organizations under the guidelines of the organization.

Process Cloud Service PCS Training Overview

This blog is targeted at beginners who have started to learn Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and want to get recognized with Process Cloud Service (PCS). In this Content we will cover :
What is Process Cloud Service
Process Cloud Service Overview
PCS Composer Page
Process Cloud Service: Forms
Features of PCS
To experience more about Oracle Integration and its parts then check our web blog posts that contain all the key points a beginner should know more about Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC).
Orastance: Step-by-Step
Console Walkthrough of OIC Service

What Is Process Cloud Service?

Oracle Process Cloud Service is most probably used to Automation the process, it’s also a subscription-based cloud service with an automation process. Getting permission to easily make your business existing SaaS and On-Premise.
Management of business processes becomes easy through Process Cloud Services as it offers deep Knowledge and understanding of a full lifecycle process management environment including test, development, and production.

Process Cloud Service Overview

PCS offers full design, automation, and management of business processes in the cloud.
It totally utilizes two work environments:

1. the design-time environment used for developing and testing applications, and 2. The runtime environment uses monitoring process applications.
Design-Time Environment:
For designing processes, forms, rules, metrics, data, user friendly
QuickStart Apps are included to quickly create custom applications for business.
Provides environments for test for refining and testing all the processes
Allows applications process (metadata and data) from cloud to on-premises
The Runtime Environment:
It Makes it easy for you to view, reassign, complete, and delegate(distribute) tasks
Stay with filters organized.
Share documents and work jointly with others and your team.
Provides sufficient tools to track the flow of the process, view detailed and audit trails, any faults, and fix processes

Features of PCS Training

At a great rate Process Automation & Change while using starter patterns without needing the code.

Business Friendly Forms are designed to create dynamic web forms responsive.

Powerful Rules Design by simply If-Then statements

User-friendly Sandbox is used for testing of business applications

Managing application lifecycle for Full Lifecycle Management

Automatic versioning, instant deployment, and promotion from the Test environment to Production

Process Cloud is usually designed to run on Computers, Tablets, and mobiles so that it improves the user experience.

Oracle PCS provides action to cloud as well as On-Premise applications.

Oracle Software as a service and Platform as a service accelerates productivity by promoting the flawless exchange of information.
10 PCS uses BPM Mobile Apps to combine with mobile features such as camera and contacts.

BPM Mobile Apps works not online but works in offline mode.

BPM Mobile Apps can effectively use REST APIs and Oracle Mobile Application Framework
In this content, we gave a little overview of PCS and what it offers.
If you find this post useful for you and have any further related queries then comment below.