Oracle Fusion Technical Training

Oracle Fusion Technical Training

Course Content


This training will help you learn Oracle Fusion Technical training concepts, which is SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud offering from Oracle. With learnings from this training, you can develop reports, customize UI, and many more things. Training will be focused 70% on practices and 30% on concept discussion. The following topics shall be covered



1. Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

  • Overview of Cloud offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Basics of Cloud Computing.Fusion Cloud Architecture & Product Families.OERIntegration Strategies & Reporting Tool.
  • Demo  

2. Oracle Fusion Technical Training : Fusion Cloud Security 

  • Overview of Fusion Security
  • Overview of Security at Financials Security Console
  • Understanding types of roles

3. Migrations & Inbound Integrations 

  • File-Based Data Import (FBDI)Inbound REST APIs
  • ADFdi Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • UCMImport File using UCM Web Service
  • Using BIP Report Services

4. OTBI Reporting 

  • Create Analysis with Single Subject Area with normal columns·
  • OTBI Analysis, Dashboards   
  • Drill Down Report in OTBI
  • Use OTBI Analysis in BIP
  • Secure OTBI Report 

5. BIP Reports      

  •  Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher 12c
  • BI Publisher, Getting started with BI Publisher
  • Using Data Model Editor
  • Parameterized Report
  • Bursting through Mail and FTP
  • Working with Layout Editor (XPT)
  • Using Template Builder to Create RTF Templates
  • Administration and Security
  • Scheduling and Bursting Reports
  • Integrating BI Publisher with Oracle BI Edition
  • Creating Data Model with other Data Source
  • Customize Standard Reports with customizations
  • Performing Translations
  • Excel and Other Layouts
  • Incorporating Deep linksSecure BIP ReportPrint Barcode on BIP Report

6. Fusion Cloud Customization 

  • Overview of Runtime customization in Fusion Apps
  • Overview Sandbox
  • Infolets
  • Customize Standard Fusion UI/Page
  • Change Logo/Add Banner
  • Overview of Application Composer
  • Migrate Customizations
  • Integrate External Application

7. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler 

  • Create Custom ESS, JobESS Job Status Job Submission and Scheduling·
  • Verify the Results of the Executed Job Parameterise ESS Job LOV with Lookup and Value Sets Secure ESS Job

8. Outbound Integrations 

BIP Automation Export File using UCM Web Service Financial Extracts/Automation of Financial Extracts

9. Overview of FRS and SmartView 

  • Getting started with Smart ViewBuild Report using Smart View
  • Getting started with FRSBuild Report using FRS

Interview Questions and Project write-ups for resume

  • Interview Technical Questions
  • Interview Scenario Questions
  • Sample project write-ups
  • Project Ideas

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