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AWS Training: What is the eligibilty for AWS Certification?

Any professional can take AWS Training. If you have a technical background, that would be hugely beneficial for you in learning the AWS platform language. The online AWS certification training course is ideal for Cloud Software engineers, Cloud developers, Solutions Architects, Programmers, DevOps professionals

Pre-requisites for AWS Training:

There are no prerequisites for AWS training. However, if you have worked with any cloud computing platform in tthe past, it will help you get AWS training effectively and faster.


AWS Certification Training : Course Content

Section 01 – Self-paced Learning Curriculum

  • Lesson 01 – Introduction
  • Lesson 02 – Getting Started With AWS
  • Lesson 03 – Identity and Access Management
  • Lesson 04 – S3
  • Lesson 05 – EC2 and EBS
  • Lesson 06 – ELB and Autoscaling
  • Lesson 07 – Cloudwatch
  • Lesson 08 – VPC
  • Lesson 09 – Databases
  • Lesson 10 – Route 53
  • Lesson 11 – Additional Key Services
  • Lesson 12 – SAA C02 Latest Services

Section 02 – Live Class Curriculum

Lesson 01 – Course Introduction

Lesson 02 – AWS Overview
  • Section Introduction
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Core AWS Services
  • Accessing AWS Services
  • Assisted Practice: Set up the AWS Command Line Interface
  • Key Takeaways

Lesson 03 – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Section Introduction
  • Introduction to Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Machine Image
  • Assisted Practice: Create a Linux-based EC2 Instance
  • Assisted Practice: Create a Windows-based EC2 Instance
  • Assisted Practice: Create a Custom AMI
  • Assisted Practice: Create an Instance Using a Custom AMI
  • Introduction to Amazon EBS
  • EBS Snapshot
  • Assisted Practice: Create and Attach an EBS Volume to a Linux Instance
  • Assisted Practice: Create a Snapshot of an Existing EBS Instance
  • Elastic IP Address
  • EC2 Instance Metadata
  • Elastic File System
  • Difference between EFS and EBS
  • EC2 Instance Pricing
  • AWS EC2 Best Practices
  • Amazon FSx
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Key Takeaways
  • Setting up an Instance with EBS Volume and Snapshot

Lesson 04 – Amazon Storage Services
Lesson 05 – Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Lesson 06 – Databases on AWS
Lesson 07 – Amazon Route 53
Lesson 08 – IAM and Security on AWS
Lesson 09 – Application and Serverless Services in AWS
Lesson 10 – Secure and Highly Available Architecture



ITSolution4Us Amazon Web Service(AWS)  training and certification is the first Amazon course that’s Accuracy and certified by the National Association of Software and  Service Companies(NASSCOM)  FutureSkills and placed with industry standards. This Amazon Web Service(AWS) certification includes the latest changes in SAA-C02 and covers the concepts of SAA-C01. It will provide you with master skills such as IAM, AWS cloud, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, S3, CloudTrail, Global Accelerator, Foreign Exchange Subscriber, and more. You are required to work with various tools of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud platform and create highly scalable as well as highly available, fault-tolerant Software as a Service application. Learn from top-rated Amazons -certified mentors as well as experts to become an AWS Certified Solutions expert.

AWS Certification Training Overview

We are offering a comprehensive Amazon Web Service(AWS) certification course Founded by industry Certified as well as experts. This Amazon website training will prepare you for the AWS Solutions experts as well as the Architect certification exam. You will learn skills like Amazon Website(AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute, Virtual Private Cloud, Simple Storage Service, Load Balancing, Aurora database service, Auto Scaling, and many more by working on hands-on projects, assignments, and case studies. Learners will also learn the best practices that would be followed while working on Amazon projects in the industry.

What is learning in the online AWS training?

There are the learning outcomes of this Amazon Website Service (AWS) Solutions Architect Associate course mention below:

  1. Sufficient design and Development of the Amazon  (AWS) system.
  2. Cost effective and cost-control Measurements apply.
  3. Load Balancing as Elastic on multiple Amazon elastic compute instances.
  4. Data has the right to enter and out  on Amazon Web Service.
  5. Identifying the relative  and suitable use of AWS experts.
  6. Lift and shift the piece of machinery of AWS on-premises applications
  7. Finding the right solutions  which are based on computational, as well as  database.

What are the benefits of this Amazon certification course?

Our Amazon website Service (AWS) certified training program is designed to pass the exam on your first attempt. You can build a career as a success in AWS with our well-designed course, which gives you the opportunity to our extensive community, lifetime opportunity to course materials with upgrades, and many more benefits.

Who should take up this best AWS training?

This Amazon Website Service (AWS) Solutions Experts certification program is designed for the following Learner.

  • Solutions professionals or Programmers looking to build up  Software as a Service, Programme as a Service, and Learner as a Service applications or migrate all data to Amazon  from existing data centers
  • System Administrators as well as  Network Administrators are best
  • Graduates, Freshers and professionals looking to update  their skills in the cloud computing domain are .

How much does AWS certification cost?

The cost for the Amazon Website Service (AWS) Cloud Practitioner exam is US$100. The total cost is expertise and revised  AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Assistant is US$150.. The AWS Solutions experts, as well as the Professional exam, costs US$300. If you sign up for a training program, then you can easily crack these exams!

What are the needs for taking up AWS training and certification?

Basic knowledge and education of any programming language will be beneficial for joining with our experts.

Why should you go for taking the best AWS course?

  • AWS has across 1 million clients  from 190 countries  in world– Amazon
  • AWS is as big  and many combined competitors  – Business Insider
  • An Amazon Certified Solutions experts  can earn US$125,000  through Indeed

Today, cloud computing is not optional but difficult to the success of any of the biggest enterprises on the earth. Therefore getting AWS training can open the doors for you to unlimited job opportunities that are offering highly preferred salaries. Our courses are completely globally practical applications, and therefore they give you a clear advantage.

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